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NAA "Black Widow" Driving Holster


NAA "Black Widow" Driving Holster

NAA Ranger Driving Holster Front.jpg
NAA Ranger Driving Holster Front.jpg

NAA "Black Widow" Driving Holster


Black Widow Photos SOON!

Black Widow Driving Holster

By Desert Gun Leather

This is our Version of a Driving Holster for the NAA Black Widow 

If you have ever tried to draw your gun while seated in a vehicle with the seat belt on you will be convinced this is the best solution to get a clean and quicker draw.

The DGL Driving Holster has a Molded strap that fits around your 1-1/2" wide Gun Belt.  The molded area helps keep it in place.  Add to that is Industrial Type Hook & Loop (Velcro) so there is no fear of it falling off.

The Holster is Wet Molded to your model gun for a perfect fit, for extra retention there is a Thumb Break type Snap. Push with your thumb to release the snap and draw the gun.

  • The Holster in the Photos is Chestnut Leather with Gold Thread.
  • Black is done with Black Thread.
  • Natural Oil Finish is done in Natural Thread. 

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