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1911  "Commander" Pancake Holster


1911 "Commander" Pancake Holster

1911 4%22 Chestnut:Yellow Pancake.jpg
1911 4%22 Chestnut:Yellow Pancake.jpg

1911 "Commander" Pancake Holster


1911 "Commander" Pancake Holster

These hand made Holsters are for those who wish to carry their 1911 on their strong side.

Each Holster is hand made to assure a better fit for your 1911.

Our Holsters are made from 8/9 oz. leather. The front retention overlay helps keep the shape and retention of the Holster opening.

The sweat guard helps protect your 1911 from sweat and keep the gun oils from getting on your clothing.

The belt slots will accommodate belts up to 1 1/2" wide.

Holster Colors available are... 

        * Natural Oiled

        * Chestnut

        * Black

We use Natural nylon thread on our Natural oiled and Chestnut Holsters. For the Black Holsters we use Black nylon thread.

** The Holster shown is a Chestnut Holster with Forsythia nylon thread.

        * USPS First Class Shipping rates will be applied at checkout