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North American Arms Ranger II

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North American Arms Ranger II

Rick Jorgenson

The NAA Ranger II Holsters

The North American Arms Ranger II has been released and is now in the hands of eager fans waiting for over 2 years since the Ranger I production was halted.

So, being a NAA Fan myself I could hardly wait to get mine and start building Holsters.  Most of these guns are so compact they fit in your pocket so of course, Pocket Holsters are needed!

DGL Pocket Holster w/5 Shell Snap Pouch

The DGL Pocket Holster with 5 Spare Shell Snap Pouch. Right or Left Pocket Carry (Snap goes away from your leg)

We also have a Pocket Holster to use the DS-10 Speed Loader.  This make for the quickest and easiest reload of any NAA Mini Pistol.

DGL Pocket Holster w/DS-10 Speed Loader Pocket

The DGL Pocket Holster with Speed Loader carry option is a great way to carry a reload. The Snap Strap Holds the Speed Loader in place until you want to use it.  No fumbling with loose shells.  

The Range Box is a efficient way to spend more time shooting at the Range and less time sorting shells and loading individually.  Rack up 30 rounds at a time and reload quick! 

We build Leather Holsters for many types of Hand Guns.  Stop by the Shop anytime for "the tour" we're glad to show you around and answer any questions you may have about our Holsters.

If your not local and have questions feel free to call.