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North American Arms .22 Magnum Revolver

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North American Arms .22 Magnum Revolver

Rick Jorgenson

Easy to Carry & Conceal 

If you ask several people that carry a gun daily what they think the best gun to carry is you will get many answers, all of them will be different...  It seems what type or what caliber Gun or "Back up Gun" or "B.U.G." or Concealed Carry "C.C." gun average citizen should carry, the opinions are all over the map.

The Caliber argument is usually the first that grind people s gears.  The "well prepared" type say .45 cal. is the best,  "It will knock a rhino off a bicycle at 50 yards" they carry a 3" Barrel 1911 or something similar in size so, the debate starts.

The other side,  I'll call them the low key "I don't need a huge gun" type say "surprise" is on their side, they don't need a cannon to take care of business that will happen within 5 feet of them, a  .380 or maybe a small frame 9mm will work for them. 

Both of these groups turn their nose up at the thought of a .22   I think its only because they haven't  seen the ballistics on modern .22lr and .22 Magnum shells (both come in hollow point) or because they remember "Gramps" old .22 Revolver with the 8 inch barrel in their head from the summer they stayed on the farm.

If you haven't looked at the North American Arms 5 shot Revolvers you should.  Lots of gun shops have one and reluctantly show it to a customer with the attitude "it's a toy gun" and it's a shame they have that attitude.

For many, the size of the NAA fits their lifestyle, it conceals easy and can be carried many ways because of its size.  Gun shops try to sell you the biggest gun you can fit your hand on, not everyone is looking for a gun fight. We just want to protect ourselves, loved ones and property while out of the house.

For the average citizen NAA's may be the answer.  If carrying a large gun "once in a while" happens to often you have to ask yourself "Why don't I carry all the time?"  if the answer is the pistol you have is "uncomfortable or to heavy to carry" then NAA's  may work for you. They are under 8 ounces loaded and most are under 5 inches long.

Now,  if you are LEO this may be a BUG's BUG or a "get off me" gun.  They need more firepower for the "go to" gun and additional Magazines for that and a larger BUG.  But, I have talked to many LEO that also had a NAA in a pants pocket or shirt pocket incase everything went south.

Comfort, ability to hide and ease of carrying are things the NAA's do well. A lifetime Warranty (My wife washed & dried my NAA Pug, all damage & parts covered under warranty but thats another blog post!) and a quality product that will protect you for those close encounters. 

The "Magnum" NAA pistol NAA Magnum  is one of their most popular models and seems to be a "Starter Gun" or entry level for many to the NAA brand. Also, a large majority of NAA pistol owners own several (I have 7 and 2 on order.)  They seem to be addicting!

Pocket Carry seems to be a popular method.  DGL Pocket The pistol is small enough that they can fit in a front or back pocket and with a nice pocket holster it will stay upright and accessible  if needed quickly. Strong side Pancake or Cross-Draw are also popular. Cross-Draw especially if you want to carry while seated and/or driving. DGL Pancake  DGL Cross-Draw

You probably won't hit a Rhino at 50 yards but, he probably wasn't bothering you anyway. We'll leave that to the "well prepared" guys.  Next summer when you are wearing shorts and a tank top putting gas in your vehicle and some "unfriendly" type approach you for money (or worse, demand it) will you have your NAA in your pocket? or your Sig 229, G-30, M&P .45 in the glove box?  I know I'll have the NAA in a Pocket Holster right there.