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NAA "Black Widow" Holsters

The "Black Widow" by North American Arms is a Favorite of NAA enthusiasts. The compact size, "Hefty" Grips, and better than average front and rear sights make it an accurate and comfortable shooter.

The Black Widow is the 2" Barrel Model of the 3 square barrel models available from North American Arms.

(The others: The "Pug" 1" Barrel and the "Mini Master" with a 4" Barrel)

One of the favorite methods of carry is in the pocket.

Black Widow Pocket Holster w/5 Shell Snap

NAA Black Widow Pocket w:5 Shell Snap Natural Finish.jpg

Black Widow Pocket Holster

Pocket Holster w/5 Shell Snap

Natural Oil Finish & Natural Color Thread


Black Widow "Pancake" Holster


The Pancake Holster is worn on the "Strong Side" - Right Hand Shooter wears on right side, Left Hand Shooter on left side.

Normally it is worn just behind your hip bone (4 o'clock for rt. hand / 8 o'clock for left hand)  this allows the grips to lay closer to your side, if worn right at the 3:00 position (or 9 o'clock for left hand) the grips would be more visible under a shirt or jacket by not laying against your back.


NAA Black Widow Pancake Holster Nat Oil Finish.jpg

Black Widow Pancake Holster

The Pancake Holster is worn just behind your hip bone. This allows the Grips to lay against your side helping to conceal under your shirt.  

The Forward "Cant" helps ease the draw with a more natural forward and upward draw vs. only an upward pull if positioned straight up (no forward cant.)


Cross Draw Carry

Cross Draw Carry is a popular way to carry.  I find it comfortable while working.  The holster and gun are not on your "Strong Side" getting in your way while performing tasks.

 It also is handy for carrying multiple guns, the Cross-Draw is very unobtrusive add a "Strong Side" and/or "Small-of-Back" and you can easily carry multiple guns with ease and concealment.


NAA Black Widow X-Draw Natural Oil Finish.jpg

Black Widow "Cross-Draw" Holster

A comfortable and unobtrusive method of concealed carry.  Easy to draw and very easy to get to while seated.