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North American Arms Ranger II

Rick Jorgenson

The NAA Ranger II Holsters

The North American Arms Ranger II has been released and is now in the hands of eager fans waiting for over 2 years since the Ranger I production was halted.

So, being a NAA Fan myself I could hardly wait to get mine and start building Holsters.  Most of these guns are so compact they fit in your pocket so of course, Pocket Holsters are needed!

DGL Pocket Holster w/5 Shell Snap Pouch

The DGL Pocket Holster with 5 Spare Shell Snap Pouch. Right or Left Pocket Carry (Snap goes away from your leg)

DGL Pocket Holster w/DS-10 Speed Loader Pocket

We also have a Pocket Holster to use the DS-10 Speed Loader.  This makes a quick and easy reload of any NAA Mini Pistol.

The DGL Pocket Holster with Speed Loader carry option is a great way to carry a reload. The Snap Strap Holds the Speed Loader in place until you want to use it.  No fumbling with loose shells.  

The Range Box is a efficient way to spend more time shooting at the Range and less time sorting shells and loading individually.  Rack up 30 rounds at a time and reload quick! 

Speed Loaders $16.00 ea. Two sizes available for “Magnum size” NAA’s

  • DS-530-Mag

  • DS-530-LR

DS-Loading Box $30.00 ea.

Questions? Give us a call!

Rick J.

Pro's & Con's of Carrying "Cross Draw"

Rick Jorgenson

Cross Draw Holsters

When choosing a comfortable way to carry your gun there are many options.  To a new gun owner or a "seasoned veteran" with many years of concealed carry experience, a change of any kind, weight loss, weight gain, new gun of a different style will affect comfort.  

Even a change of weather and the clothing that goes with it can upset the delicate balance you have achieved with your holster and gun.  I'm going to throw another option in the mix  "Cross Draw" carry.  

Those that carry this way and are comfortable, swear by it, those that try it and cannot get comfortable with it... swear at it.

Let's looks at the Pro's first...

  • The Cross Draw is a consideration If you have a shoulder injury and cannot "lift" your shoulder to draw your weapon on your "Strong Side."  There is no need to "lift" your shoulder.  Reaching across your navel to draw your gun keeps your shoulder level, your arm does the "Draw".
  • Those seated for extended periods of time during the day Cross Draw may work for you.  The gun is positioned 10:00 o'clock on your belt (Right hand Shooters) 2:00 o'clock for Left hand Shooters.  Many report this keeps the gun from pushing up while sitting.
  • If you drive a lot and concerned about drawing your gun while seated and strapped in with a seat belt this may be a carry method to consider closer.  Try drawing your gun while seated and belted in your vehicle, it is difficult if not impossible.  Forget about doing it quick or safe.  Reaching across your navel to get a full combat grip and clear the holster is easier, quicker and keeps you in a much safer shooting position.

The Con's of Cross Draw Carry...

  • If you have a "large waist" you may not be able to reach across your navel to the gun.  This is a problem for some people with some "girth" to the mid section.  They cannot get their hand on the pistol grip.  No need to elaborate on this,  your buddies already give you enough crap about it.
  • A holster and gun are not as easy to conceal at the 10:00 or 2:00 positions in public.  You would need to keep a shirt untucked or a coat buttoned to hide the holster.  Strong Side or Small-of-Back may be better options if you don't want it to show.  (Not an issue while driving)
  • You have carried "Strong Side" for so many years your not about to change now.  Okay, your the one that needs to be comfortable with your rig.  Don't keep changing back to your old holster and gun because your stubborn.  Give change a chance, you may like it.


Feel free to contact us for more information about your Holster Needs. We are always glad to help.